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On the Money with Secure Money: Episode 80

Most people will always choose that the purpose of that money, the number one goal, that money is to provide income. But then when you look at their portfolio, it’s not really invested for income, it’s invested for growth, it has a lot of potential risk if the markets go down, and they can lose a lot of money.

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On the Money with Secure Money: Episode 79

You have to have asset classes that are non-correlated to the market that have the ability to grow, but not lose money. And so that really helps when you’re building a retirement plan to have a little bit of a hedge against that market risk. And people don’t realize how to do that most people just take risk with 100% of it.

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On the Money with Secure Money: Episode 78

Most people are gamblers. If you ask most people, you say, tell me a little bit how you’re invested, they’re probably going to show you 401k statements, IRA statements all invested in the market. Those people are gamblers, they’re rolling the dice with 100% of their retirement savings.

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On the Money With Secure Money

On the Money with Secure Money: Episode 75

So, we want to mitigate that downside risk, because in retirement, it really is about mitigating, mitigating the downside, it’s not so much more about how much you earn, right, as it is about how much you keep, and the return of your money versus the return on your money.

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