Our Approach

Secure Money Advisors’ four-step process to secure your retirement future

We do not believe in a haphazard approach to financial planning. We enter each new client relationship with the same mindset: Get to know one another. Define your goals. Implement a plan. Constant follow up.

Through this measured approach, we build a level of trust with our clients that bodes well for successful, long-term relationships.

Specifically, our process includes:

Getting acquainted

At our initial meeting, we’ll let you do most of the talking. We want to hear what your concerns are, your current status, your goals – anything that can help us understand what we need to do to develop a retirement plan that is perfectly suited for your situation.

Assets analysis

Once we’re comfortable with one another and you decide to move forward, we’ll carry out an analysis of all your financial assets, including 401ks, pensions, stocks and bonds investments, IRAs, savings accounts and income streams.

Retirement plan implementation

We look at your goals and your assets and develop a retirement strategy that focuses on protecting your principal and guaranteeing you income. We present our plan to you in a second meeting, during which we listen to your input before coming up with a final investment strategy. Our plan can include a family gifting or trust plan if that is something that interests you.

Portfolio monitoring and follow up

Once we implement your retirement plan, we continue to monitor its progress. We will alert you to any market shifts that might impact your portfolio and offer suggested tweaks. We recommend – and encourage – annual meetings to review your plan and make any necessary revisions based on market status and any lifestyle changes or requirements.

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