Retirement Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone needs to feel confident as they move into retirement that they are going to have enough income now – and in the future. Considerations include expenses, inflation and tax rates. Call our office today to schedule an appointment to see if you are on the right track.

If we only knew your date of death, we could mathematically answer this question. Thankfully, we do not have the answer. As part of the overall plan, we help you determine when it benefits your family to collect your Social Security. There are a number of factors to consider, all of which are centered around math.

Pension options can be misunderstood. We want to make sure we protect your loved ones in case of an untimely death. You should always consult with a professional to help understand your options.

Worse case scenarios need to be played out before they happen. If we are able to identify them in the planning process and come up with some options, we can ensure you a greater peace of mind in retirement.

You may be surprised at how much income your retirement accounts can provide for you. The proper vehicles designed to help you generate income are important to building a solid foundation in retirement.

As you get closer to retirement or are in retirement, the appropriate amount of risk is key to having your overall plan be successful. This level of risk will help us determine income as well as inflation protection.

Roth IRA accounts have significant tax advantages and can be a great way to generate tax free income in retirement. Remember: Would you rather pay taxes on the seed or the harvest?

Legacy planning is a key part of our 5-step approach. With recent changes in the Secure Act, proper planning is vital in getting your hard-earned life savings to your beneficiaries.

Developing an income strategy in retirement is key in a mostly pension-less world. Once you determine the best income-producing investments, most people choose to have income directly deposited into their bank account on a monthly basis ‐ just like getting paid while employed. This is another benefit of moving your old employer work plan into an IRA.

Are you saving enough to be able to enjoy your retirement? As Social Security only replaces roughly 40% of our work pay, additional savings to generate income in retirement is imperative. The software we have built at our office can provide really great insight in projecting where you are currently and where you project.

The only way to protect our assets is to place them in a trust. This would require paying the taxes on your IRAs and moving the funds into the trust. This is not always the right decision for people to make. Secure Money Advisors along with our estate planning partners can help determine the right option for your family.

Most people have experienced a loved one going into a long-term care facility and seen the significant impact it had on their life savings. Long-term care insurance can be an option for some, though the cost and underwriting can be an obstacle. As part of our 5-step approach, we look for solutions to help you understand if a long-term care plan is needed.

As people get closer to retirement, they need to understand one major component of market risk is no longer on their side. That is time. Market loss can be a significant setback and without proper planning, retirement could be pushed back years.

With interest rates being so low, savers have found it difficult to find the right options when nearing retirement. Bank CDs and bonds used to be a great place for safety. Low yields and interest rate risk with bonds have many advisors using fixed or indexed annuities. Annuities can be a great vehicle for safer money and generating income, though they are not always a solution for everyone.

There are two ways we make our money:

  • A percentage of a client’s assets under management
  • A commission from the sale of insurance products, life insurance or annuities

Yes, we have the software to give you a second opinion on what you are currently doing. This includes a forensic fee analysis, volatility index analysis, market returns and a customized income plan.

Secure Money Advisors has an impressive client retention rate of 98%.

We have helped over 750 families with their retirement planning.

Secure Money Advisors does not have minimums. Our strategies do work best for people with over $200,000 in their retirement savings account. Our goal has always been to help as many people as we can to the best of our ability independent of how much money they have saved. World class service is what we look to provide whether you have $50,000 or $5,000,000.

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