Have you recently changed jobs? Have you just retired? Asset rollovers may be the logical next step. Secure Money Advisors can help you find the ideal vehicle for your savings.

IRA 401k Rollover

Roll 401k Into ROTH IRA

When you leave your job, your retirement income comes with you… But do you know what to do with it?

You generally have several options, including leaving the money in your former employer’s plan, taking the cash and paying taxes/potential early withdrawal penalties, transferring the money to a new employer’s plan, or rolling the money over into an IRA. The last option allows you to continue shielding your assets from taxes while maintaining control of your assets, but sometimes it helps to have guidance when deciding what sort of move is right for you.

Whether you pursue a rollover or take another option, Secure Money Advisors can help you find the most suitable investment vehicles to meet your retirement goals. Have more questions or interested in learning more? Contact our office or complete the request a consultation form to start a dialog.