What to do with your 401K funds when you retire or are no longer working with the same employer? An IRA rollover is an option worth exploring.

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401Ks have essentially replaced pensions as the way companies offer employees a path to earn retirement income for years of service.

However, the investment opportunities offered by employers within their 401K plans are limited, giving you few options to explore other investment opportunities.

As you approach retirement and assuming control of your 401K, you might consider moving your money into an IRA 401K Rollover. This program opens up options to the entire investment marketplace and is a prudent way to maximize your retirement income opportunities. Additionally, when you work with a private money manager like Secure Money Advisors, you will lower the cost of investment fees and gain the added benefit of a tax planning strategy.

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How Secure Money Advisors Handles 401K Accounts

Depending on their status, 401Ks can offer a number of challenges – and opportunities – for financial advisors. It usually depends on the employment status of the client. We generally deal with three types of 401Ks:

  • Moving an old 401K account into a new one
  • Moving an old 401K into a Rollover IRA such as a Roth IRA
  • Reinvesting 401K account funds when an employee turns 59 1/2

In the case of moving an old 401K account into a new one, that usually involves a client not close to retirement who has moved from one job to another and has two 401K accounts. Although the obvious and easiest move for some people is to roll the old one into the new, the problem is:

  • The now combined 401K has a limited number of investment options – usually no more than 15 – which restricts financial advisors like us working with you to improve your portfolio

The best option with an old 401K is to move it into a self-directed Rollover IRA , such as a Roth IRA, which allows for unlimited investment opportunities.

When our clients reach 59 ½, our options expand. Government regulations allow employees to do an in service withdraw – meaning they can take all or most of the money out their 401K and invest it anywhere while still keeping the existing 401K active.

The result:

  • The door is now open for Secure Money Advisors to help you find better more profitable investments for your former 401K funds

Secure Money Advisors’ 401K Strategy

While many financial advisors have standard methods for dealing with 401Ks and how they invest these funds once they are freed up, Secure Money Advisors looks at things from a considerably different but effective perspective not just for 401K funds but most investment portfolios. For example:

  • We’re not selling our clients investments but building a plan for their portfolio.
  • The plan is based on data and math.
  • If the math doesn’t line up with your investment strategy, we’re not going to encourage you to move your funds from their current location.
  • As a result of this strategy, we consider ourselves problem solvers, not sales people.
  • Once you trust the data and math and see the results, you’ll be more confident in your investment strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move an old 401K into a new one?

Yes, but it’s more advisable to work with your financial advisor to invest the money elsewhere because your investment options in a 401K are controlled by your employer and limited.

Where should I move the funds from my old 401K?

We suggest an IRA 401K Rollover, such as a Roth IRA. This is more prudent than rolling your funds into a new 401K.

When I turn 59 ½ can I have access to my 401K account?

Yes, that is the age when you can access all your 401K funds and invest them elsewhere, often a good strategy because you’re 401K portfolio is limited to a small number of investment opportunities.

What is your strategy for investing funds from a 401K once I turn 59 ½?

Our investment strategy remains the same no matter where the funds come from. We rely on data and math to come up with precise and mostly successful investment opportunities that match your situation.

If I take all my money out of my 401K when I turn 59 ½, is that the end of my 401K?

No, you can still contribute to your 401K and receive matching funds from your employer, if that is the case at your company.