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• Sunday: 3WS – 7:30 am

• Sunday: WJAS – 12:30 pm

• Sunday: The Answer WPGP – 1:00 pm

• Monday: WJAS – 6:00 pm

• Saturday: Word FM – 7:00 am

• Saturday: WISR Butler – 8:00 am & 11:00 am

• Saturday: 3WS – 8:00 am

• Saturday: WJAS Butler – 12:30 pm

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Tune into one of the television stations listed below to get live retirement advice from Brian Quaranta!

• Sunday: WPGH Fox – 10:30 am

• Monday: WPGH Fox – 9:30 am

• Friday: WPGH Fox – 9:30 am

• Sunday: WPXI Channel 11:30 am

• Sunday: KDKA – 12:00 pm (April – August Football Off Season Only)

On the Money with Secure Money: Episode 114

So, taxes, and inflation, will reduce your purchasing power and erode your wealth faster than anything. And this is why we really have to look at tax planning strategies going into retirement. Now notice I said tax planning, right? Because tax planning is something that takes place right now, for the future.

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Learn how to plan for a secure retirement including retirement income, tax planning, legacy planning, and more.