More than anything, you want to know how to generate income from your portfolio when you reach retirement without shrinking your principle. That topic is firmly in our wheelhouse.

Retirement Income Solutions

When it comes to retire income strategy the most common, time-tested method might not be the best one.

With pensions a rarity these days, retirees are looking for new ways to generate monthly income through investments or practical portfolio management. The 4% rule is often cited as a smart way to generate monthly income. You take 4% of your portfolio in cash every month and if all goes well you should never have to touch the principal. In reality, this idea depends on a constantly steady market, which only happens 50% of the time.

We like to look at a broader picture, examining various tracks to secure monthly retirement income – with as little risk as possible. After all, this is not a dress rehearsal. You want to get it right.

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