Retirement planning involves more than simply compiling as much money as possible. You need a plan that balances long-term growth and guaranteed income sources once you wrap up your primary career. Secure Money Advisors can help you find the right balance.

Retirement Income Solutions

Retirement Income Solutions in Pittsburgh

Income strategies are not simply for the ultra-wealthy.

We all need a plan to ensure we are tapping into the assets we have accumulated throughout our careers in a sustainable manner, and that usually means shifting our investment approaches as we age.

As we approach retirement, it makes sense to shift assets to safer, more conservative fixed-income products such as insurance, annuities and other vehicles to be sure we (and our loved ones) have access to necessary funds no matter how long we live.

While we all hope to live a long and happy life, no one wants to outlive their savings. A significant financial loss as you near retirement or short-sighted planning could result in financial uncertainty the longer you live, but we can help you protect your investments by crafting a safe, reliable retirement income strategy.

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