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Generally, we promote conservative investments to decrease risk and increase the opportunity for a comfortable retirement. There are occasions when higher risks are called for. We will advise you on which path to take. And when.

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There are traditional methods of creating retirement wealth that are commonly used, but you should also consider newer ideas that are proving to be successful.

As with seemingly everything these days, technology is becoming a significant player in retirement investment strategy. For instance, the use of algorithms – a computer-based information and solutions process – can track market trends in real time allowing your investments to be re-balanced day-to-day. There are many examples like this in which you can use technology to your advantage in your quest for comfortable, stress-free retirement living.

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Secure Money Advisors’ View on Wealth Management

When it comes to wealth management a fundamental issue often overlooked is what is a good investment today might not be a good one tomorrow. We are not fixated on staying put and will advocate making changes to a retirement portfolio when we feel it’s in the best interests of our client.

Specifically, as wealth management advisors, we:

Once we know what your goal is in terms of what you want to earn in retirement and what you want to pass on, we then hone in on a wealth management strategy that matches this goal.

Secure Money Advisors’ Wealth Management Strategy

When our clients sit down with us to map out their wealth management strategy, we are looking at three options:

Spend down rate: How much income do you need from your portfolio that allows you to take out a percentage monthly and not run out of money in the future?

Preservation rate: This involves determining how much income you can make from your portfolio without touching the principal.

Legacy rate: This is for clients who want to earn income from their portfolio but are more interested in leaving as much money as possible to their children or other family members.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many financial advisors do use the same strategy over and over again no matter who the client is. We look at each client individually and develop a wealth management plan that fits their goal.

As wealth management advisors with considerable experience, we don’t subscribe to the stand pat theory. Rather, we closely monitor every client portfolio closely and if something changes for the worse, we’ll recommend you move in a different direction. The goal is to mitigate any unnecessary losses.

We utilize investment algorithms. This strategy utilizes a mathematical formula based on data that tracks the market in correlation with our clients’ drawdown numbers. We are immediately alerted when market conditions change so we can adjust the drawdown numbers accordingly. If things aren’t going well we immediately know and advise you on a different, better course of action.

It depends on what your goal is. If this income is important to helping you lead a stressless life, then we have a specific formulated plan. If you want to earn income but not touch your principal, we have another plan. And if accumulating wealth to pass on to your children is your goal, we have a strategy for that as well. We remain fluid when it comes to working with our clients: No one wealth management plan fits every client.

We embrace new, effective ideas. For instance, technology is a major part of our investment planning process. Technology also helps us track results and effect change when required.