On the Money with Secure Money: Episode 82

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Video Transcript

Cynthia de Fazio 00:20

And welcome to On the Money with Secure Money. My name is Cynthia De Fazio and I’m joined today by Brian Quaranta. He is founder and president of Secure Money Advisors. Brian, how are you today?


Brian Quaranta 00:31

Doing great, Cynthia, how are you? It’s always good to be with you.


Cynthia de Fazio 00:33

It’s always good to be with you, too. I always look forward to obviously our time together in the studio. And you’ve been doing this for so long.


Brian Quaranta 00:40

A long time now, a long time. I think we’re on episode 80.


Cynthia de Fazio 00:44

Like, 80, 82, maybe 99. But it’s been a long time. Yeah. Today’s show is a lot of fun. Because obviously, you and I have talked about this in the past that people can go online, and they Google anything. Okay. Let’s try it when you have a headache, right? You google “I have a headache.” What could be wrong? And it is a laundry list.


Brian Quaranta 01:05

My wife does this by the way


Cynthia de Fazio 01:06

I know me too.


Brian Quaranta 01:08

And it’s not good.


Cynthia de Fazio 01:09

No, I end up at the doctor’s office the next day.


Brian Quaranta 01:11

Yeah, and it never ends well.


Cynthia de Fazio 01:12

No, I think I have something that’s really wrong. It’s nothing, it’s like okay, you need more sleep. But anyway, going back to our show, talking about the internet, if you will, a lot of people are going online, and they’re searching for information on how to retire. Yeah. So, Brian, I’m going to put you in the seat as the wonderful financial advisor that you are in. Are you ready to tackle the internet? Let’s do it. Let’s? Let’s go for it. Yes, the first question. Sure. found people are googling quite a bit. The number one question. Is it true that I won’t need as much income in retirement as when I am working? Question mark.


Brian Quaranta 01:47

Yeah, not true. Other expenses go up. You got to remember every day is a Saturday in retirement. So, think about it. People want to live out their bucket list, right? That takes money to do, you know how much it costs to do a cruise, that most people want to do or spend more time with the grandkids, give the grandkids- spend more time with your children, or go out to eat more with your friends. I mean, cost increase, we don’t we do not have, out of 800 plus households that we’ve helped retire, not a single person that we’ve built a plan for has their income been less we try to get their income to be the same or more in retirement, because we find that they spend more, and they might not, they might have less monthly income. But the As Need Withdrawals, because of the trips and everything else they want to do, we find that they actually will spend more money. Now later on in life you might, later on in life, you might because those are your no-go years, but not in the beginning.


Cynthia de Fazio 02:43

Right? So especially during your go-go years, you’re active, you want to have fun, you want to be able to thrive.


Brian Quaranta 02:48

That’s right,


Cynthia de Fazio 02:48

And not just survive.


Brian Quaranta 01:49

That’s right. You got it.


Cynthia de Fazio 02:51

All right, Brian, I’m gonna give you that one thing. You beat the internet. All right. Let’s go to the next one. If something happens to me, won’t my spouse need a lot less income than when it was the both of us?


Brian Quaranta 03:03

Yeah. A lot of people think that way. But like, well, you know, she’ll be okay. Or he’ll be okay. You know, it’ll only be one of us will have one less car. But you got to remember, but people don’t realize is that when you lose a spouse, you also lose a Social Security check. You could also lose a pension check if you’re getting a pension. The other thing that people don’t realize is that taxes go up because you’re no longer filing jointly, you’re filing as a single filer. Right, I had a good friend, family friend of ours, you know, known him for, you know, 47 years. And he recently passed away. And I saw, I saw, she was, you know, my, like my second mom growing up, and I saw her over the over the holidays one year. And she said, Brian, she says, I didn’t realize how much more I was going to have to pay in taxes after Ken died. And I said, Joanne I know I said, you don’t realize because now you go into a single filer tax bracket. And now the whole game changes. So, what we find is that people need actually the same amount of income when a spouse dies, not less.


Cynthia de Fazio 04:04

Wow, that makes perfect sense. Especially the tax piece. When you think about it.


Brian Quaranta 04:09

Yeah, incomes going down more taxes. So yeah, it’s just it doesn’t work out that way. And I think anybody that looks at planning that way, is just got their head in the sand, and they don’t want to face the facts. You know, there’s too many people out there that just take it too lightly and say, Oh, don’t worry, you know, she’ll sell the house or he’ll sell the house or get to think about it. You do real estate, right? I mean, think about if a spouse died right now, and the plan was to sell a house, how hard would that be very hard. Yeah. Because the markets not in a good place right now for real estate. They would probably have to sell it for a lot less, or could it be possible that that house may never sell?


Cynthia de Fazio 04:44

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Right. Because no one ever knows until you go inside. What does it really look like right side, especially if you’ve been living in there for many years, if you will,


Brian Quaranta 04:52

Yeah, there could be updates that be needed and stuff. So, these are just not good planning strategies.


Cynthia de Fazio 04:56

Right, right. Absolutely. Brian, very, very good. point. Well, let’s talk a little bit about this next question. I like this one, because a lot of people have a question about this. I have a will Yeah, I don’t need a trust isn’t a trust only for the super wealthy, super wealthy?


Brian Quaranta 05:12

Yeah, well, not if you want to control your assets, I mean, controlling your assets is important to a lot of people, they want to make sure that if they have children, maybe they don’t want the children to get all the money right away. And maybe they want to trust because they want to protect their money from a nursing home. But here’s the reality 80% of the people we meet with don’t even have a basic will. They don’t even have a basic will. And that’s the bare minimum, right? But there’s powers of attorney that are needed. There’s financial powers of attorney, living wills, you know, trust, all kinds of stuff. You don’t need to spend a ton of money, but these things are there for a reason. And people should make sure that they’ve got that that that financial part of their life handled.


Cynthia de Fazio 05:50

Brian, why do a lot of people fail to put a will together? Or they just they don’t want to think about when the end comes? Or Yeah.


Brian Quaranta 05:59

Really, you know, a lot of people say, well, well, we’ve just never have got it done. They’ll always say we’ve been meaning to get it done. And we’ve been made. And I think it’s just one of those task items that just the can gets kicked down the road. Or they just don’t want to go through the process of having to find an attorney. And that’s why working with secure money advisors makes people’s lives so easy, because it doesn’t matter whether you need a Will you need tax advice, you need to know what Medicare supplement to get, you need financial advice, you need to know how to generate income, protect your money. We built a an all-encompassing approach at secure money advisors to make it very easy for people to get all these things done in one place.


Cynthia de Fazio 06:36

So a true blanket of protection the whole way around all the way around. Exactly. So this is a great one too. I have read that, that I have read a lot online and annuities are risky investments. They’re illiquid, high fees. What are your thoughts on that? Brian?


Brian Quaranta 06:50

Yeah, well, there’s a lot of opinions about annuities. Just like if you typed into Google is Mother Teresa evil, you’ll probably get 2 million hits that Mother Teresa is evil. That’s the problem with the Internet.


Brian Quaranta 07:01

But you know, there are certain types of annuities that can be very high in fees. I personally own annuities myself; I do recommend them to my clients in certain situations, but there’s a specific type of annuity that I use, I like to only use fixed indexed annuities or fixed annuities. Because one, they don’t charge you a fee. They work just like a bank CD, where you put your money in, they give you an interest rate, and they earn a little bit of money off of that from you. But what that individual might be talking about is the variable new I’ve seen fees there anywhere from three to 4%. A year a matter of fact, we created a system at secure money advisors called the variable annuity escape, where if you own one of these annuities, we can actually call the insurance company with you. We’ve got a 15-point checklist that will go through not the person that sold it to you, but the actual insurance company itself will call. And when we find it out, most people are very surprised to find out that they there’s quite a bit of fees owed, or they’re paying each year within that annuity. So, but I do like annuities for income planning retirement because they’re doing something that no other product can do. And that’s providing the client with a pension and a guaranteed income for the rest of their life,


Cynthia de Fazio 08:08

Which again, ties back to peace of mind.


Brian Quaranta 08:10

That’s right, peace of mind and security is the most important thing moving into retirement and through retirement.


Cynthia de Fazio 08:14

Absolutely. Well, Brian, I know there’s a very special offer that you’re going to present to the viewers at home today. Let’s talk a little bit about what that is, before we open the phone lines.


Brian Quaranta 08:22

Cynthia, we worked really hard to build a system that’s very simple and easy to understand. That truly gives people a plan, right, not just a strategy based around investments. We want a real plan based around five key areas income taxes, investments, healthcare and legacy planning. Folks, I really want you to take advantage of the right track retirement analysis, because it’s really going to help you determine whether or not you’re on the right track. And if you weren’t on the right track, when would you want to know that when would be a good time to know that you have an opportunity to find out if you’re doing the right things, all you’ve got to do is call 1-888-382-1298. And you can schedule with us today.


Cynthia de Fazio 09:02

Brian, thank you so much to the viewers at home, the phone number to call is on your screen. And that number is 888-382-1298. We know you have a lot of questions for Brian about how to plan your perfect stress-free retirement, he has the answers for you. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call in today. 888-382-1298 We’re going to take a very short commercial break, but don’t go anywhere. We have more myths on the internet and you’re not going to want to miss what’s coming up next.


Brian Quaranta 09:31

So, everybody can tell you how to invest your money. There’s not a lot of people out there and a lot of firms that can teach you how to use your money. Most people also tell you that they’re scared. And the reason they’re scared is because they’re afraid of running out of money.


Neil Major 09:45

The last thing you want to do is have a really good job and you’re in your 60s retire, be looking for work again in the late 70s.


Brian Quaranta 09:53

The average person might say Well a good portfolio would be a good mix of stocks, bonds, mutual funds can have a good portfolio is all designed around the five key areas income, taxes, investments, health care and legacy planning.


Neil Major 10:08

Because we’re not just product pickers here, what we do best here as we build retirement plans,


Brian Quaranta 10:13

nine out of 10 people, when they walk through the door would ask us, we just want to know if we’re on the right track. And I always say, if you’re not on the right track, when would be a good time to know it? Probably now,


Neil Major 10:23

People, you know, can actually see a vision once we start to really build out their plan.


Brian Quaranta 10:29

This is about you, if you’re not getting what you need, and you feel that when you walk out of the advisor’s office, it’s time to get a second opinion. And you can’t get a second opinion from the person that gave you the first the difference at secure money advisors, as a fiduciary firm, we help you manage the risk, build the income, and give you the retirement.


Cynthia de Fazio 10:59

And welcome back to on the money with secure money. My name is Cynthia De Fazio. I’m joined today by Brian Quaranta. He is founder and president of Secure Money Advisors. Brian, what a great show we’re having today talking about people searching on the internet, some of the things that are coming back are great answers. Some are myths, and you’re actually debunking both. So, this is fantastic. So, let’s keep going next, I want to get through all of these today. So, this is another question that is being asked a lot to the internet in general, I’m worried that Social Security won’t be there when I retire, or it will start to be reduced. Is anything being done right now?


Brian Quaranta 11:35

Yeah, well, look, you know, if you if you look at the resources out there, you got about 42% of the people that think that there’s going to be a little bit of soul security there. And then you’ve got a whole other group of people that think nothing is going to be there. Now personally, I feel that if Social Security was taken away from the American public, especially the baby boomer generation, the baby boomer generation that has worked their entire life to actually get here and receive this social security check, there would be absolute tanks in the street, in my opinion. And so, I just don’t think we would see it happen. If they can print money during a pandemic, they can certainly print money to make sure that people get their social security checks. Great. So, I just don’t I just don’t see it happening. You know, there’s a lot of fear mongering around it. But I just I just don’t see that happening to the American public. And if it did, like I said, there would probably be tanks in the street.


Cynthia de Fazio 12:22

I would agree with that, Brian. Absolutely. Well, this is another one that’s really interesting. And this is something that’s being asked a lot. My home is the greatest investment that I’ve ever made. Why should I take risk in the stock market?


Brian Quaranta 12:35

Yeah, well, the home has been a great investment, a lot of these, these property values have gone up tenfold. And maybe investing in the stock market isn’t the right thing. But you should have assets outside of your home, that can provide you with income that can provide you with a little bit of growth to keep pace with inflation. And you don’t necessarily have to take risk with that. There are alternative asset classes out there that are not correlated to the market that you can use to get some growth without ever putting your principal at risk. And I would highly recommend people look into these products because they are designed to help you get some growth on the money but not have to worry and panic weather what’s going on in the market, right? Nobody wants to live that life, especially if you’re more of a secure investor and you don’t really like or want to stomach risk. There’s just better options out there. But having some money outside of the home is a good way to just make sure you protect your retirement.


Cynthia de Fazio 13:27

That makes sense. We can’t really take your home to the grocery store to buy groceries.


Brian Quaranta 13:34

And you cannot take physical gold to the grocery store and buy groceries. Just remember that folks, it’s great to it’s great to have gold, you know, a lot of people- and I say look, you know, I remember I remember I ordered gold, right, I personally have some physical gold. And I got it in the mail, and it does show up right in your front porch step, right. And there’s these little blocks of gold that you get, and I thought to myself boy, you know, I’m never going to be walking into Whole Foods or Giant Eagle with a little scale and a shave or shaving out some gold for a loaf of bread. You know, these are these are these are assets that really aren’t going to help transact, you know, anything that’s going to you’re going to need as a consumer staple to maintain your lifestyle.


Cynthia de Fazio 14:13

Okay, question How heavy are those blocks of gold before we go to the next question?


Brian Quaranta 14:17

Well, all of them together can be relatively heavy, but one itself is not- and that’s the other thing. Gold is not a good way to travel. You know you could you imagine having gold bars in your pocket or gold bars in your wallet. It’s just it’s very inconvenient.


Cynthia de Fazio 14:32

I can see that it would be. Okay.


Cynthia de Fazio 14:35

This is another really interesting question. My kids will be able to take care of me later. Why would I need long term care insurance? Yeah. Wow. That’s a good one. That’s a big one.


Brian Quaranta 14:45

Yeah, well, look, I mean, I have seen my parents be a caretaker. I’ve seen my mother in law be a caretaker and you know, I don’t know if you’ve ever had anybody in your family that’s been a caretaker but it is very difficult on the caretaker, and I think it’s a very You know, selfish approach to just say my kids will take care of me because it’s a lot on those individuals that are taking care of that person. So, I think having a plan in place, that gives the family some options rather than just saying my kids will take care of me, that’s just another. That’s just another way of kicking the can down the road and not wanting to face the problem that there is going to come a day that you may have a health event where you do need care and planning for a health event. That’s why health care planning is one of our five key areas because we need to talk to through a strategy on how we’re going to handle that should that take place, and it’s secure money advisors, one of the things we do really well, when we plan out our models, and we build the plan is we always make these bad things happen on paper. So, we’ll say well, what happens if you have a health event at the age of 75? Or 80? What is it going to look like? Will you have enough money to fund a somebody to take care of you. And if you are having to be taken care of by a child is there any way or any resources that we can use to at least alleviate some of that care for that caretaker. So that caretaker doesn’t have to be there? 24 hours a day. So, these are the things we want to think about when we’re building out a plan. And this is why a written plan is so important.


Cynthia de Fazio 16:12

And I think that’s very important, Brian to obviously and very interesting, because we’ve talked about this in the past, you typically hear the opposite. You hear people come in and say, Brian, I need to work with you. Because I don’t want to be a burden on my children’s right. So, this question actually was the different look at that. It’s interesting.


Brian Quaranta 16:29

Yeah, I mean, you’ll get a lot, you know, I think people just find it funny to save, don’t worry about it, my kids will take me, you know, I had a lady come in and tell me, you know, I told my kids not to worry about I told him if I get sick, just take me out back and shoot me. You know, people have all kinds of different ways to handle these. But let’s face it, those are not real solutions. Those are just kicking the can down the road type of solutions.


Cynthia de Fazio 16:49

Yes, yes, absolutely. Well, this is an interesting one, I can invest on my own. I’ve saved a lot. Why do I need a financial advisor? Yeah, well, listen,


Brian Quaranta 16:59

a pilot flying a jet doesn’t fly alone, right, you got a pilot, you got a copilot true. So, a lot of times, it’s just a matter of having a copilot, right. So maybe you are pretty good at investing, but accumulation of money investing in the stock market trading, growing money is a completely different skill set than distribution, right, then what we have to deal with in retirement, you know, somebody that’s been managing their own money and buying individual stocks, or bonds, or ETFs, or whatever, that’s great. You know, you put a little bit of it’s not a very difficult thing to do. Retirement Planning is a different ballgame. Because you got to plan for income, you got to plan for taxes, you got to have the right investment mix, you got to have the right buckets of money doing certain things at certain times, you got to plan for a health event, right? And you’ve got to make sure that when the good Lord takes your home, that your money doesn’t go to the IRS and it goes to the people that you love and care about.


Cynthia de Fazio 17:50

Brian, that makes perfect sense to me. Well, I know you have a very special offer to present to the viewers at home today. Let’s talk about what that is, once again, before we reopen the phone lines. Yeah, folks,


Brian Quaranta 17:59

I really want you to take advantage of our right track retirement review, because it really is designed to make the process of planning for retirement simple and easy to understand. It’s really designed to show you how to properly prep plan around the five key areas. Again, that’s income, taxes, investments, health care and legacy planning. And when you dot every I and cross every T in these five areas, you will put your head on the pillow at night and sleep well. And I know that when you take action, you will have a good secure retirement. But you got to do your part. You’ve got to call us, and you’ve got to schedule don’t kick the can down the road on this take advantage of this. I know coming into a financial advisor’s office could probably be an intimidating process. But my promise to you is that when you come in, that will not be that way. So, dial 1888382129818883821298 To schedule your appointment today.


Cynthia de Fazio 18:57

Brian, thank you so much. To the viewers at home, the phone number to call is on your screen and that number is 888-382-1298 We know that you have a lot of questions for Brian about how to plan your perfect stress-free retirement. He has the answers for you. All you have to do is call in today 888-382-1298. We’re going to take a very short commercial break, but don’t go anywhere we have more internet searches to get through when we return.


Announcer 19:25

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Cynthia de Fazio 20:52

And welcome back to on the money with secure money. My name is Cynthia De Fazio and I’m joined today by Brian Quaranta. He is founder and president of secure money advisors. Brian, a wonderful show we’re having today talking about a really fun topic, common things that people are searching on the internet as they pertain to retirement. It’s fun, we’re having fun.


Brian Quaranta 21:11

Yeah, it’s very dangerous place to search.


Cynthia de Fazio 21:15

It is, for just about everything. So, this is a very interesting one as well, because we’ve talked about this in the past too. I read about the 4% drawdown rule in retirement, why do I need a retirement plan?


Brian Quaranta 21:27

Yeah, well, the 4% rule has been around for a long time. And matter of fact, it was created in the early 90s. And it was something that worked really well. But the markets were much different in the 90s than they are today. The other thing that people were not understanding as this rule was put into place is something called sequencing risk. And to just make it very simple, it’s just the order in which you receive returns while you’re taking money out. So, if you get poor returns, very early on in retirement while you’re taking money out, it can actually cause you to run out of money much earlier before you die. Matter of fact, AARP did a study and they interviewed 1000 people and they said what do you fear most running out of money or death. And you know, over 90% of those people said they fear running out of money more than they fear death alone. The Wall Street Journal even went further on this topic here. And this, this I found very interesting is that when they looked at the use of this 4% rule, okay? They said, Look, if you’re pulling money out of your retirement account, and you start doing that at the top of a bull market, which is what we just went through, and the market starts to decline on you very rapidly like it is right now that you have up to a 57% chance that your plan could fail, now is 750 7% chance that the plan may potentially fail. Now, I don’t know about you. But I would not be wanting to be in a plan right now that has a high probability of failure. And this is why it’s secure money advisors, what we talk about is probability of success. returns are important. But I’m more concerned about what is the probability of success that your plan is going to work? It’s important that you understand that because you might have a mixed bag of investments. And that’s great. And you’ve got good diversification. But the question is, are those investments going to get you through retirement with a high probability of success? So, we have a software program that will help us determine what that probability of success will be with that plan?


Cynthia de Fazio 23:13

Brian, thank you so much. Very important to talk about next, a lot of people do try to follow that 4% rule. So, this is a good one to retirement, I’ll never retire. What about someone who says that they’ll never retire? Do they still need a plan if they plan to work?


Brian Quaranta 23:28

Always, for the rest of their life?


Cynthia 23:31

Forever till the final day,


Brian Quaranta 23:33

I will look, I have clients that are still working, you want to know what they love about having a plan. What they love about having a plan is they know that when they walk in one day, and someone ticks them off, and they don’t want to be there anymore, and they said you know what I’ve had enough. Yeah, they walk right out the door because they know exactly what the retirement plan looks like. And it puts them in a position of strength with their employer, because they know if they want to leave, they can they’re working because they want to not because they have to. A lot of people that never take the time to put together a plan are working because they think they have to write but once you have a plan, you’re working because you want to and that puts you at a really different position. The other thing is your industry might retire you right. So, you’re you may want to work forever, but your industry may retire you that has happened to a lot of our clients and clients that have come in because of those situations. Your health may retire you we’ve seen this happen many times, right? Somebody has a health event, and all of a sudden, their whole attitude about life changes. They realize that they want more time with their family, they want more time with their spouse. And then the other thing is, your spouse may retire you whether you like to believe that or not. Your spouse may retire you I’ve had a number of clients that every year we did the review, there was always a conversation that took place in the conference room about them, the spouse wanting the husband to retire and he just wouldn’t And wouldn’t it wouldn’t every year she would push and push and push and push but you got to realize they will win event Actually, they always do.


Cynthia de Fazio 25:03

And I’m sure they’re very happy with their decision and enjoying life all over. That’s right to start over again, which is amazing. That’s right. So, a couple of minutes left, but I want to get to this last one, I believe the taxes can only go down in the future. Why do I need a plan for taxes with retirement?


Brian Quaranta 25:19

Wow, I can’t believe that’s even a search right now. You know, I mean, if you think about it, we printed trillions of dollars, I mean, you know, we fit into Who do you think is going to pay for that. So, you know, I mean, most people believe taxes are gonna go up, not down in the future. And it’s important that you plan around taxes. And that’s why taxes is our number two and our five key areas, because for most people, they’re going to be taking money out of their retirement accounts. So that means they’ve never paid taxes on that before. So, when money comes out, they’re gonna have to pay taxes. So, imagine they need an extra $1,000 a month. So, you take that $1,000 out, and let’s just say they’re in a 20% tax bracket. So, you take the $20,000 out, they’re going to net $800. Okay, great. Well, what happens when tax rates go to 30%, that same $1,000, withdrawal is only going to net $700. Now, so now what you have is the compounding effect of taxes, reducing your purchasing power, but then you have inflation on the other side, reducing your purchasing power. And what happens here is inflation and taxation together is going to be the biggest erode of people’s wealth, and they’re not prepared for


Cynthia de Fazio 26:30

Wow. And they need a plan. Well, Brian, on that note, we have about a minute and a half left of the show this week. And I know you want to give some final words of guidance, advice and wisdom to the viewers at home,


Brian Quaranta 26:40

folks have a plan. That’s the biggest advice I can give you is have a plan, take the time to sit down with a real planner. I know so many of you out there might have investments, but come in to secure money advisors and take advantage of our right track Retirement System. It truly is a simple plan to get you to where you need to go. Let me ask you this if you weren’t on the right track, if you were not doing the right things. When would you want to know that? What if we could help you increase your income? What if we could help you reduce your taxes? What if we could help you structure your investments in a way that gave you more peace of mind and security? What if we could show you a way to properly take care of a health event and more importantly, show you how to maximize the amount of money that went to your beneficiaries when the good Lord decided to take you home? Would that be worth coming in? I want you to take advantage of it. Dial 1-888-382-1298 and get your right track retirement review today.


Cynthia de Fazio 27:33

Brian, thank you so much for another amazing episode this week to the viewers at home. Most specifically, we would like to thank you for spending time with us today. That number to call is 888-382-1298 Thank you so much for watching on the money with secure money. My name is Cynthia De Fazio be safe be happy, be blessed. See you next week.