Ashley Abbott

Ashley Abbott, Executive Assistant at Secure Money Advisors

Ashley Abbott

Executive Assistant

Ashley manages the front office and works directly with clients to ensure their experience here at Secure Money Advisors is a great one.

She assists the key executives in the daily tasks of the office to keep things running efficiently. Her role also includes marketing with a focus on planning educational events, dinner seminars and client functions which are held throughout the year.

Originally from Beaver County, Ashley’s career began in a legal setting, where she worked as a paralegal and legal assistant for over 5 years. She is excited for this new career path and loves learning new things about the financial planning industry.

Newly married, Ashley and her husband enjoy traveling, hiking and going on adventures together. When that’s not possible, Ashley’s favorite place to be is in the kitchen, trying new recipes, baking a birthday cake or reading through one of her many cookbooks. She loves spending time with her family and hosting get togethers.