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Video Transcript

Cynthia De Fazio – 00:23

Hello, my name is Cynthia de Fazio. I’m sitting with Brian Quaranta, founder and CEO of secure money advisors. Brian, how are you? I’m doing great. How are you? Hi, I’m doing stuttered a little bit there for a second. But I’m doing right now. You know, the Brian, Brian Q. Everybody knows your radio. It works just as well. Absolutely. So I have a quick question for you today. Brian, if you don’t mind, what is the difference between an investment plan and a retirement plan?

Brian Quaranta – 00:49

Great question, because they are two different animals. I mean, an investment plan is what you do when you’re working in yours, right? Our goal is to put as much money away as we can, we’re taking as much risk with that money as we possibly can. And the goal is to have the biggest pile of money when you go to retire. But once you retire, the game changes Shall we shift into retirement planning? and retirement planning is all about how to maximize your Social Security, how to generate income from your from your retirement accounts, because most people don’t have a pension. What do I do at death? Right? How do I protect my spouse at death? What’s the loss of income going to be at death? How do I protect my family by having the right legal documents? What happens if I go into a nursing home, but this is why at secure money advisors we offer a complimentary review and when you come in, we really help make this process so easy to understand. And there’s so many variables that we really help you kind of map it all out. So for the next 10 callers if you call 1-888-382-1298. Again, that’s 1-888-382-1298 you’re going to get a complimentary no cost review. We truly look forward to seeing you at our office.

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