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How a Fiduciary Can Help Protect You and Your Assets

Old age and retirement opens the door to a whole new chapter of challenges in life. Not having proper healthcare and a sound financial plan are typically the most common challenges that retirees face. Additionally, there are many people who do not have a support system, people who have lost touch with their family, and […]
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What Your Long Term Care Insurance Won’t Cover and How to Prepare for It

No one wants to become a financial burden on their families as they age so it’s important to take your long term care insurance into consideration. In fact, every one of my clients who’ve made the decision to purchase long term care insurance cited this concern as a driving factor in their choice. They felt […]
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Factors to Consider Before Taking a Pension Buyout

A pension buyout presents a challenging calculation that involves several unknown variables. General Electric is the latest company to offer a pension buyout to former employees as it tries to shore up its pension plans, which were $27 billion underfunded as of year-end 2018. The company is offering lump-sum payments to 100,000 former employees, in […]
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7 Steps for Retirees to Ride Out Volatile Markets

If you follow the stock market’s daily action, do you react? Even though year-to-date through June, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 15.4% (total returns), we’ve had 55 down days out of 124 trading days during the first six months of 2019. The top five market moving days in the DOW so far in […]
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Build Your Investment Strategy With These 9 Questions

Your answers to these questions will help you nail down an investment plan for all your financial goals. An investment strategy is your road map to your financial goals. Investing without an investment plan is like driving in a strange city with no road map or GPS. As other drivers zip past onto their destinations, […]
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9 Common Investing Traits of Billionaire Value Investors

Many billionaire investors follow a value investing approach. Some of the best-known billionaire investors follow one common approach: They are value investors. People like Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway (ticker: BRK.A, BRK.B); Seth Klarman, CEO and portfolio manager of Baupost Group; Mason Hawkins, founder of Southeastern Asset Management; and Mario Gabelli, CEO of GAMCO […]
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Boost Your Retirement Nest Egg By $800K

How would you like a simple retirement planning strategy that’s doable — and could boost your retirement nest egg by $800,000? For an optimal benefit of that size, you need many years before retirement. If you have only a few years, you still benefit. Just not quite as much. The only real question is how […]
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Simplifying Retirement With These 8 Money Tips

Workers nearing retirement tend to assume their life will slow down once they leave the workforce. But many retirees find the opposite is true. As you develop a retirement routine and your calendar fills up, you’ll want to spend less time on mundane tasks, such as managing your money, to make room for leisure. Simplifying […]
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Why Most Index Funds and ETFs are Not Good Investments

Many investors confidently tell me they have discovered the secret to investing: It’s all about passive. I’m glad they are happy and comfortable with their investment strategy. Unfortunately, I think they are missing some important facts. Most index funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are below-average investments. Here’s why. Fidelity’s study compares strategies Recently, Fidelity published […]
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Key Financial Steps That Couples Need to Take

Marriage is a partnership. There are many demands and expectations that enter into the partnership and therefore equality, respect and trust must be shown by both sides. As you grow the marriage, hopefully, smart investing and sound business decisions have allowed you to grow your financial portfolios as well. Often, one partner takes the lead […]