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Improving Your Financial Health – Part 2

In our 2nd part, we will cover two more misconceptions: 1) Life Expectancy Averages Matter, and 2) Taxes Won’t Have a Major Effect on My Retirement. #2 Misconception: Life Expectancy Averages Matter When it comes to retirement income planning, life expectancy figures can be severely misleading. Many people will outlive their own life expectancies. Therefore, […]

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Improving Your Financial Health – Part 1

Any time is a good time to improve your financial health, and an excellent place to start is with what you think may be true, but isn’t. So for the next few posts, we’ll examine a few misconceptions so you can understand and overcome these hurdles to financial health. If you make a mistake early […]

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New Year, Better Approach to Your Retirement

When it comes to your retirement, a new year is a great time to review your finances and, of course with, your retirement plan consultants. Many things have changed in 2016 with the promise of many more changes to come. But how do you plan for your dream retirement? Who should manage your funds?  What […]

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Get Your Year End Finances Together!

Happy December! With the holiday season upon us, I expect most people are preoccupied with visions of dancing sugar plums and Christmas stockings. I know I certainly am! But if you find a bit of quiet time during all the rush, I’d encourage you to spend it doing something truly jolly: conducting your own year […]

Five Steps to “de-Brexit-ing” Your Summer

Five Steps to “de-Brexit-ing” Your Summer

By now, you’ve probably heard a lot about Brexit. It might seem like a strictly British affair, but it actually has profound economic implications for us here in North America. As your best financial advisors for retirement, it’s my responsibility to inform you about what some of those implications might be. Here’s a quick synopsis: […]

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Which Financial Documents Should You Keep on File and For How Long?

Your Guide to Personal Paperwork Filing Practices You may be surprised how many people have financial documents scattered all over their homes. Or maybe you’re not surprised… maybe this sounds just like you. If this describes your financial “filing system”, you may have a tough time keeping tabs on your financial life … especially once […]

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How Should Your Definition of Appropriate Risk Change in Retirement?

During your peak earning years, you may have determined that a “conservative,” “moderate,” or “aggressive” investment strategy was ideal for you, subsequently building a portfolio around that strategy. Your target may have been funds with the highest potential for growth or reward, hoping that past performance would be indicative of future results (but knowing that is not always the case). There’s nothing wrong with having that sort of […]

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The Retirement Reality Check

Most, if not all of us, know that someday we will retire. We know we need to plan to save a substantial enough amount of money to allow us to live comfortably without the regular income that a career brings, but often our planning ends there. We do not take the time to think through […]

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How to Recognize Risks to Your Family’s Wealth

All too often, family wealth fails to last. One generation builds a business—even a fortune, in some cases—and it is lost in ensuing decades. We see it happen again and again… but why? Often, it is because families fall prey to serious money blunders, both old and new. Classic mistakes are made, and the effects […]

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Seven Aspects of Your Financial Life to Review on a Yearly Basis

Planning for retirement requires a substantial amount of long-term planning. For many people, that means thinking about their financial future in concentrated doses. We might take a hard look at our finances when we make significant decisions such as buying a home, purchasing insurance or paying our taxes, but most of the time we are […]

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