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On the Money with Secure Money: Episode 132

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Well, first off, we’re always going to have major world events going on, major economic events going on, that’s never gonna go away. So, if you’re getting ready to retire, and you plan on living, you know, a great retirement for the next 30 years, you’re gonna see a lot over the next 30 years.

On the Money with Secure Money: Episode 131

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So, we have to look at the tax rate because we need to see what your net income is going to be after taxes. Once we understand what your net income is, we apply the expenses. And then we can see after expenses, what you have leftover. And now that’s really where the planning starts.

On the Money with Secure Money: Episode 130

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First off, what we don’t, what a lot of people don’t understand is that bonds are risky, just like stocks are risky, bonds can lose money. You know, last year, I believe bonds were down about 17%. So that’s a big loss to take and something that you probably were going into to be safe.

On the Money with Secure Money: Episode 129

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So, you put, put 100,000 It grows to a million you pull it all out, you got 600,000. Okay, well, if I use the Roth portion, instead, I put the 100,000 and it grows to a million, I pull out the million, I have a million. That’s the benefit of the Roth, it’s all tax free.

On the Money with Secure Money: Episode 128

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Now, some advisors might recommend well, we’ll keep like a year’s worth of cash aside so that when the markets down, we don’t have to take from the market account we can take from the cash. Okay, well, what happens if the markets down more than a year? What happens if it’s down more than two years? That’s happened before.

On the Money with Secure Money: Episode 127

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It’s not that the market wouldn’t recover. It does. But when you’re retired, and you take a loss, the question is, the question is, will it recover in a time period you needed to recover it?