An Image Of Danielle Duran, New Business Specialist at Secure Money Advisors in Pittsburgh

Danielle Duran

New Business Specialist

Phone: 724-252-8303
Email: Email Danielle

Danielle specializes in new business accounts, working closely with our clients after they have met with our financial advisors and developed a retirement investment strategy.

Her focus is the assets under management side of the business. This involves helping our clients complete online applications and other forms required to activate their investment plans. She is also available to provide status updates on new accounts and assist with account servicing needs.

Danielle grew up in the Finger Lakes region of western New York state. She graduated from Grove City College in western Pennsylvania and joined Secure Money Advisors soon after, in 2016.

Danielle recently moved from the Pittsburgh area to Raleigh, NC., where she lives with her husband, Ryan, and their Labrador, Chloe. The more temperate climate in her new city allows Danielle to enjoy plenty of time outdoors exploring local parks, restaurants, and breweries.