More than anything, you want to know how to generate income from your portfolio when you reach retirement without shrinking your principle. That topic is firmly in our wheelhouse.

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When it comes to retire income strategy the most common, time-tested method might not be the best one.

With pensions a rarity these days, retirees are looking for new ways to generate monthly income through investments or practical portfolio management. The 4% rule is often cited as a smart way to generate monthly income. You take 4% of your portfolio in cash every month and if all goes well you should never have to touch the principal. In reality, this idea depends on a constantly steady market, which only happens 50% of the time. We like to look at a broader picture, examining various tracks to secure monthly retirement income – with as little risk as possible. After all, this is not a dress rehearsal. You want to get it right. If you’d like to discuss retirement income solutions in greater detail, call our office at 724-382-1298 or complete the meeting form to the right to start a dialogue.

Secure Money Advisors’ Retirement Income Method

We do not take a haphazard, seat-of-the-pants approach to retirement income solutions. Rather, we have a time-tested process that has proven to be effective, which is one reason with have an extraordinary client retention rate.

Our method involves what we call the bucket approach. Here’s how it works:

  • We divide your investment capital into different buckets.
  • They might consist of a 1 to 5-year bucket, a 5 to 16-year bucket and a 16-year and on bucket.
  • Each bucket is going to be invested differently, depending on a number of factors.
  • This process gives us a simple blueprint to generating long-term cash flow for the portfolio.
  • The main objective is never putting our clients at risk of running out of money and the bucket approach is an ideal method of mitigating this risk.

Secure Money Advisors’ Unique Retirement Income Strategy

While most financial advisors have a standard approach developing their clients’ retirement savings plan, we utilize progressive methods that are proven to eliminate guesswork with more positive results. They include:

  • Buying annuities, which can act like a pension in that they can guarantee income during retirement.
  • Utilizing investment algorithms, a mathematical mechanism that automatically alerts us to a sudden change in the market that could adversely impact your current drawdown percentage.
  • We then immediately revise or stop the drawdown until market conditions improve.
  • This predetermined drawdown strategy mitigates risk and provides tremendous stress relief for our clients, knowing that they are less likely to deplete their funds.
  • This investment algorithm strategy is based on back-testing data from thousands of sample portfolios, so it is extremely precise dramatically increasing our chances for success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aren’t all retirement investment strategies the same?

Many financial advisors use the same strategy which isn’t always the right one. At Secure Money Advisors, we use more progressive, proven methods.

What some samples of your investment strategy methods?

We suggest investing in annuities, which is like a pension, guaranteeing income later in life.

What’s the investment algorithm strategy?

This strategy utilizes a mathematical formula based on data that tracks the market in correlation with our clients’ drawdown numbers. We are immediately alerted when market conditions change so we can adjust the drawdown numbers accordingly.

If I take out a percentage of my portfolio every month won’t I run out of funds at some point?

The beauty of our investment algorithm strategy is that we remove human error from the equation and mitigate the risk of our clients spending down their principal.

In a nutshell, what’s your retirement income strategy?

Maximize the retirement earnings of our clients and minimize any risk of them spending down their retirement portfolio.