The main reason we have been successful since our founding in 2007 is our clients love – and appreciate – how we work for them.

We are humbled by the reviews you see here from our clients. It helps us to know how you feel about our efforts on your behalf so we can evaluate our performance and continue evolving as a company.

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  • Duane Ruckert

    "The Secure Money Advisors group has my complete trust and confidence in taking care of my portfolio leading up to my retirement years."
  • Beverly Klinefelter

    "Confident that we made an excellent choice of a financial advisor team back in 2010. We are enjoying our retirement financially worry-free."
  • Gregory Speicher

    "These are trying times with the world turned upside down and inside out. No one, I repeat no one, can predict financially what will take place in our foreseeable future. BUT, the knowledge and confidence that Secure Money Advisors (Brian & Crew) exude makes my wife Kathy & I feel very comfortable with our future finances. When your entire retirement future is at stake, Secure Money Advisors is the place to be."
  • Gayle Roberts

    "I've never felt more confident and assured that my money is safe and secure...especially in my retirement. The staff at Secure Money Advisors goes above and beyond to take care of me, even though I don't have much money!"
  • Richard Eberst

    "My wife and I are blessed having Secure Money Advisors as our advisors. They did a excellent job with our finances. We have been with them for years and now are enjoying our retirement."
  • Kathleen Kaminski

    "Nice people. Updated on best places to invest your savings according to your personal needs. Quick to handle financial issues and answer questions. Will update your profile when your needs change. Trustworthy and dependable."
  • Dennis Fetterhoff

    "Before my wife and I came to Secure Money Advisors I was uncertain what our retirement futures looked like. They put together an comprehensive retirement plan/roadmap and now we have peace of mind and look forward to our retirement. Thanks so much for your personal attention to our well being and look forward to working with you for years to come."
  • James Doyle

    "Secure Money Advisors are an excellent firm that believes and implements the best retirement plans for their clients and how to ensure that your retirement money will last a lifetime! I can't say enough on how happy I am with their service. They are excellent!"
  • David Herrington

    "Without Secure Money Advisors we would have been looking at a struggling future. Thank you for peace-of-mind for us."
  • Rocco & Karen Ali

    "We first became acquainted with Secure Money Advisors in 2018. After learning what and how they handled things, we had several meetings and were very impressed with how they handled our needs. They gave us a real time plan to retire and live a good retirement. After having them as "friends" for 3 years all we can say is: thank you and God bless all of you."
  • Meg Schaffer

    "Brian and his entire staff are truly wonderful to work with to achieve our retirement financial goals! They are caring and knowledgeable, always aware of our ideas and factor our needs and concerns into planning. We highly recommend this group to all!"
  • Jan Johnson

    "Brian and his staff are the best. So knowledgeable and caring. We feel very safe and secure with them managing our retirement money."
  • Joseph P. Lutz

    "Secure Money Advisors reviewed my financial accounts a year or two before I retired. We made some changes that made a lot of sense. I retired 3 years ago and following each annual review, my wife and I feel very comfortable about our financial position both now and into the future that Secure Money Advisors' planning helped us with. Secure Money Advisors is very professional, very trustworthy, and very pleasant to associate with."
  • Becky Crissman

    "Secure Money Advisors spent a lot of time reviewing our personal information and then developed a retirement plan that was personalized to our needs. I can understand things I could never understand on my own, including a plan for my husband to retire early due to health concerns that may make it a need to retire early. I am very grateful for their input into our future plans. I look forward to continuing to work with Secure Money Advisors."
  • Albert Huber Jr.

    "Knowledgeable, caring, and will take great care of you!"
  • Kurt Larson

    "Very trustworthy, good people at Secure Money Advisors. They've always treated us well!"
  • Sue

    "So glad we found Brian and his team - such professionals! They set our minds at ease as we go through turbulent economic times."
  • Stanley Ponce

    "Brian and the whole team at Secure Money Advisors work great with us to meet our goals for retirement."