10 Common Pitfalls That Can Ruin Your Retirement Put On By Secure Money Advisors In Pittsburgh

While the need to plan for retirement is practically universal, our collective ability to avoid common retirement planning mistakes unfortunately is not.

Generation after generation, well-intentioned, hard-working people make the same mistakes that ultimately jeopardize their retirement … or at least add stress.

How can you avoid a similar fate? Much can be accomplished by simply recognizing what pitfalls could trip you up … then focus on carefully crafting a plan to avoid all-too-frequent financial follies.

  • Are you planning to retire too early or too late?
  • Are you ignoring tax efficiencies and fees?
  • Are you retiring with too much debt?
  • Are you properly accounting for your retirement lifestyle?

Whether you are in retirement, close to retiring or still have many years before retirement, knowing these basic principles will help you understand how your situation could be impacted when you are contemplating retirement. Our goal is to help you achieve the retirement of our dreams by protecting your principle and securing your legacy.