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7 Costly Retirement Mistakes to Avoid

Not committing these blunders can save you thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of dollars. Here’s a scary statistic: More than more than half of retirees surveyed last year by the folks at Global Atlantic said they have retirement planning regrets. Their top mistakes, they reported, included not paying off debts such as mortgages before retiring […]

8 of the Best Free Online Investment Calculators

Create a better financial plan with these free online investment calculators. These free online investment calculators rival the tools financial advisors use. Financial advisors have access to the best investment calculators. Their financial planning software and programs lay out a “tremendous road map” to help clients answer complex but essential questions, such as if they’re […]

How Much to Invest for Retirement

The amount of money you should invest for retirement doesn’t depend on how much you can invest. Investors frequently make the same mistake when deciding how much to invest for retirement: They confuse “should” with “can.” How much you should invest is not dependent on how much you can invest. If saving for retirement is […]