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The Three Stages of Retirement

A successful retirement doesn’t happen overnight; it’s part of a long process that starts many years before you draw your final paycheck. If you have the wisdom, discipline and foresight, retirement planning should start the day you enter the workforce. Admittedly, few people take this path. But if you get in the habit of making […]

Factors to Consider Before Taking a Pension Buyout

A pension buyout presents a challenging calculation that involves several unknown variables. General Electric is the latest company to offer a pension buyout to former employees as it tries to shore up its pension plans, which were $27 billion underfunded as of year-end 2018. The company is offering lump-sum payments to 100,000 former employees, in […]

Income Annuities Take Risk Out of Retirement

When used properly, income annuities provide invaluable security, so why aren’t more people going for them? A new Brookings Institution study has some insights, and some strong recommendations for consumers. Few adults would go without auto, home, life or health insurance. But the kind of insurance that protects against the risk of running out of […]

Is Working in Retirement Worth It?

Nearly 19%, or 9 million, Americans ages 65 and over are working part-time or full-time, according to a recent Pew Research Center analysis. This is consistent with a steady increase dating back to 2000. Whether you need additional income or not, you might be thinking about working in retirement too. But there are a few things […]

3 New Retirement Rules That May Change Retirement As We Know It

A successful retirement plan is one that must be not only created and written but also revisited annually to account for changes we can and cannot control. There are three pending proposals being considered in Congress that may change the landscape of retirement savings and distributions. The goals are to increase the flexibility of retirement […]